Laurent Lebard

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Laurent is co-founder and general manager of Yieldin, a startup which designs, develops and implements innovative solutions in RM & Dynamic Pricing, B2B Pricing or strategic Pricing simulators.This applies to both core business as well as ancillary revenue products and services across industries. 

Yieldin' areas of expertise cover Airlines, Tour Operators, Hotels, e-commerce, as well as more industrial businesses like Printers industry.

Laurent holds an MBA of EM Lyon Business School.

Between 1998 and 2013, Laurent has been Director of Baboo and Darwin Swiss Airlines Network and Rm departments. Confronted to strong competition coming from both Low Cost and Legacy carriers, he discovered that the most powerful traditional RM systems encountered difficulties in adapting to fast changing environments.

From the 7 years working with Sabre in designing an O&D system for optimising the revenue derived from both seats and beds of Club Med, Laurent has acquired a good command of complex RM system technics.

Today Laurent and his team work on designing RM and Dynamic solutions that would use not only past internal but also current market data, which could easily adapt to any tactical or strategic moves decided by Top Management, and which would be driven not only by Mathematics but also by Business logics.

Laurent and his mates like above all to design and develop new solutions. Projects include:

• Ancillary Dynamic Management solution for a low cost Airlines.

• Revenue Simulator that would support the Marketing of an Airframe manufacturer.

• Commercial efficiency based Pricing solution for the cost based driven Printers industry.

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