Mike Robinson

Mike Robinson

Mike Robinson joined the Merchandising Solutions team at Amadeus in September, 2016. Before that, he served as Ancillary Program Manager at Frontier Airlines. Mike developed Ancillary product offerings including checked bags, pre-assigned seats, and change/refund. He also created or grew partnerships with Avis/Budget, AIG, and the Expedia Affiliate Network. Mike specializes in developing customer centricity and creating competitive advantage through tactics based on economics, data science, and ecommerce merchandising. At Frontier, he designed targeted mixed bundling of Ancillary offerings based on Adams & Yellen’s work, wrote integer linear programming algorithms for a custom seat-assignment pricing tool, and designed rental car merchandising utilizing dynamic cohort assignment.

Mike joined Frontier in 2013, and was part of the team that, in April, 2014, turned the struggling full-service carrier into a thriving low-cost, low-fare airline. Since then, Frontier has flown more than 34 million passenger segments, and Ancillary increased from 8% to 43% of passenger revenue. More importantly, Frontier customers now enjoy low fares and choose and pay for only the Ancillary options they value.

Prior to joining Frontier, Mike spent seven years working closely with Amazon.com, Google, and Microsoft in the ebook business, during which time revenue from ebooks grew from 0.0% to more than 30% of publishers’ revenues. Mike is happy and proud to have worked for the benefit of readers, authors, and his employer Oxford University Press, a division of Oxford University.

Mike has a degree from The University of Chicago. He and his wife are avid travellers. They’ve driven themselves across the Gobi, Namib, and Colorado deserts, sleeping in their tent and cooking with their worn-but-wonderful Trangia stove. They look forward to vising the Sahara with their two-year-old son this year.

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