Philippe Abdoulaye

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Philippe Abdoulaye is the founder of ITaaS Now LLC, a business transformation consulting startup that helps companies adjust their business model including IT and prosper in the digital economy.

Some of the companies Philippe Abdoulaye has helped across his 25-year consulting career as both CIO Advisor and business leader include:

* Credit Suisse

* American Express

* Ralph Lauren Polo

* Educational Testing Service (ETS)

* Weight Watchers International

* Orange Business Services

Before devoting his work full time to ITaaS Now, Philippe served as IT strategy and transformation consultant for some of the prestigious brands including Cognizant and Accenture.

Philippe writes as a columnist for some of the top technology news websites including and He is the author of six books on how to effectively leverage cloud computing, DevOps, and IT as a Service (ITaaS) technologies to boost businesses. His business-focused vision to IT transformation have been featured in top medias like CBS Interactive ZDNet, translated in French and German, and cited on several IT research works. 

In addition to being a digital transformation strategist, Philippe has created The Complete ITaaS Delivery Model, a methodology that simplifies and accelerates business transformation projects, and will launch by February 2017, The IT as a Service (ITaaS) Academy, an online teaching platform dedicated to the new IT jobs of the digital era.

Philippe is based in Raleigh, NC, USA.



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