Michael Farrugia

Michael Farrugia 145x188

Michael Farrugia is the CTO of Planitas Airline Systems, a company specialising in airline business analytics.

Michael has over 10 years experience working with different airlines to supply information and deliver insight. Recent work focused on supporting revenue management, loyalty and CRM business processes.

His PhD thesis from University College Dublin centres around building customer social networks and their application to the airline business.

Planitas Airline Systems is a technology company based in Ireland and founded in 2000. Planitas specialises in data processing and data analytical solutions for the airline industry. At Planitas they believe that precious airline employee time should not be wasted cleaning and manipulating data. They provide accurate information so that employees can use their business expertise to analyse that data and take the best decisions to increase sales and optimise revenue. Planitas' team is a multi-talented team that combines airline business knowledge with the latest business technologies to provide solutions that are not only accurate and efficient but also specialised for the airline industry's specific needs.

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