Manuel Heidler

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Manuel Heidler is Managing Director of BEONTRA, a Leidos company.

He has more than 15 years’ experience developing planning and forecasting systems for the aviation industry working intensively with international customers for creating an industry standard solution.

Since 2004, he has been part of the successful BEONTRA team and has played an integral part in developing the market leading Scenario Planning suite for meeting the expectations of the various stakeholders:

· Passengers expect a stress-free journey through the airport

· Regulators expects security wait time SLA’s to be achieved

· Airlines expect to achieve on-time-departures

· Airports expect to use their resources as efficient as possible while delivering a best in class service



Over the past decade, BEONTRA has developed an integrated corporate scenario planning software suite for airports (BEONTRA Scenario Planning), which enables companies to create on-the-day predictions, traffic forecast scenarios, capacity scenarios and estimate aviation and non-aviation revenues as well as cost scenarios.

BEONTRA Scenario Planning is all dedicated to answering „what-if“ scenarios through fast scenario building times and high scenario scalability, thus enabling fast and accurate modelling.

Over 45 international airports use BEONTRA Scenario Planning to run highly detailed analyses focusing on

· on-the-day predictions, therefore reducing wait times, increasing retail revenues and improving passenger experience

· flight schedule-based, highly accurate passenger traffic forecasts,

· passenger arrivals at different checkpoints in the passenger process (arrival, departure, transfer etc.),

· capacity constraints within the terminal as well as stands and gates.


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