Philip Micallef

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Philip Micallef an engineering graduate and a holder of an MBA from Warwick University has been involved in technology, its management and application to businesses from the early eighties when he started his career with Olivetti in Ivrea, Italy. This was when the first personal computers appeared on the market. He worked for Olivetti in Italy, Switzerland and Spain.

He later worked for SITA (Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautique) in Paris applying ICT solutions to the airline industry and later for Equant Business Services on network services for airlines. Philip was also the first CEO of Malta Enterprise, the agency responsible for attracting Foreign Direct Investment, CEO of Melita Cable, Executive Chairman of the Maltese Telecom Regulator (MCA) and later spent two years as Chief Executive of the Bermuda Regulatory Authority which he set up from scratch.

In 2014 he was appointed CEO of Air Malta to bring it back on track with the EU Restructuring Plan. He spent two years as CEO of Air Malta in this very challenging period.

“The new successful airline is all about transforming it into a new entity that yesterday could not be imagined and that the day after tomorrow may be obsolete. Airlines operate in an environment of a new economy, new enterprise and new technology and must master how to link all three to one another and how to enable one another”


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