Ulla Keino

Ulla Keino 4

Ulla Keino is an entrepreneur, owner and CEO of UK ART LTD, a Producer and a leading Project Management Director of World Class art exhibitions especially in, but not limited to Russia and China. Her special expertise lies in sponsor co-operation and total project management, involving the whole chain of services from co-operation with the curators, tendering of transportation, organising security, insurance and delegates high level travel arrangements.

Recently she also joined Jet Solutions Aviation Group as Associate Director. Jet Solutions is Asia's leading business jet consultancy. 

In addition, Ulla is Executive Director of SeaFocus, Executive Maritime Business Platform, also owned by UK ART LTD, organiser of high level sales and new business development events and meetings. The strength of her work is to open the most difffcult doors, to bring intelligent people and companies together and working with top quality service providers for the common cause. Low budget and economy class services are not in her focus.

Ulla Keino has a Master of Science in Technology degree from the Helsinki University of Technology and an MBA from Brunel University of London. Prior to a change in her entrepreneurial career, from a Director Consultant specialised in scm and market entries to Russia and China, to the current niche business of hers, Ulla Keino advised numerous global and Nordic stock exchange companies as well as even some Nordic SMEs in their strategic paths involving scm in expansion of their businesses to China and Russia.

Ulla Keino’s great desire in working closely with companies and museums in Hong Kong originate from her earlier life, living there in the 90s.

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