Peter Devlin

Peter Devlin 240113DIMG00963

Peter is CEO and founder of Local, a mobile site that connects airlines, retailers and passengers in a way that generates ancillary revenue for the airline while enhancing the passenger’s trip. Targeted recommendations and enhanced service offerings are delivered to the passenger via Local, a concise, curated city guide and are based on the passenger profile.

Peter began writing travel blogs while touring the world with his band The Devlins in the 90’s.

It took fifteen years for the novelty to wear off, but (eventually) he left the travelling circus and used his award-winning advertising skills (developed post-college, pre-music career) to write and produce for television, radio and online travel guides.

He is based in Dublin’s Digital Hub, conveniently located next to the Guinness Brewery, where he has assembled a team of talented designers and developers to produce Local.


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