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Paul Sies is a commercial specialist that has been able to use his skills in both the commercial, distribution, strategic and IT areas to develop better results for airlines and companies in the tourist and transport / IT sector.

Creating a perfect customer journey, developing an optimum data flow and using available data effectively have allowed him to successfully reorganise existing airlines and touristic companies and start-up new airlines in several parts of the world, with a large experience in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Born in 1962 in London (UK) from Dutch parents, Paul has been raised in a true multicultural environment. After finishing his studies in economy and operations for the hotel and entertainment industry he gets involved in the travel industry. Where he learns the value of a good commercial strategy in coordination with an IT / distribution strategy that can support that.

Over the past 20 years Paul has used his skills to reorganise and improve the business of large companies like Virgin, British Airways and Centerparcs / Pierre et Vacance, but also many smaller organisations like BASE Airlines, Wataniya Airways, Nile Air, Libyan Airlines, Camair-co , Syphax Airlines and most recently BMI Regional in the UK.

In his roles as Commercial Director, Chief Commercial Officer and Senior Management Consultant he has used his IT / Distribution and Commercial skills to define an IT / On-line strategy that fits the commercial needs of the companies, communicate effectively and deliver the right information to the right person so that he/she is in a position to take the right decision. This accompanied by a vision to minimise cost at the same time.

Paul has been detrimental in the development of many new commercial systems like the Ticketless GDS for low cost airlines, Revenue Management systems based on the competition activity instead of history, a fully automated loyalty system for LCC’s, CRM systems for touristic companies and airlines and successfully implementing on-line strategies with effective results.

Over the past years Paul has also developed Commercial IT and positioning strategies for new start-up companies like Wataniya Airways, Nile Air and Camair-co, Maastricht Airlines, Saudi Gulf, Syphax Airlines and recently BMI Regional and in many cases has handled the implementation of these strategies and applicable systems (like Sabre, Radixx and Amadeus products) hands on as an extension of his recommendations. For Wataniya Airways he established a record braking implementation of a suite of Sabre products in just over 6 months, allowing the airline to use its assets effectively from day one.

The unique combination of strong and experienced commercial / strategic management and a deep knowledge of systems, distribution and IT have been an asset Paul has been able to bring to a large number of companies and have always proven effectively.

Paul is perfectly tri lingual in English, Dutch and French.


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