MR Derek Mansfield

The Bold Endeavours Group has just presented with great success their latest innovative solution for DAM (Digital Asset Management) in New York. This system brings interactivity for customer web and mobile experiences to a new level. It also simplifies significantly the back office management. Updates of web and mobile sites are done with the same interactivity as the customer experiences when surfing on the site.

Derek Mansfield is President of the Group,  which offers online marketing services and Big Easy Software for web and mobile sites as well as ecommerce solutions. His company has been involved in advanced DAM, CMS and eCommerce vertical systems for banking, retail, specialist Video/Broadcasting environments and various other industries for more than 20 years.

Customers include broadcaster RAI TV in Italy, Universal Music and Films worldwide, as well as Citibank and Austria 's ProCreditbank. 

Derek Mansfield is a true entrepreneur, and has a proven track record of various types of business ventures. Following a successful career in Advertising and Marketing, Mansfield became hooked on the Internet in 1992. 

As far back as 1993 he created a web based management system linking 3,500 translators in 38 countries allowing clients to upload documents for translation, monitor progress & QA with automated invoicing on word count via 40 in-country offices.

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