Marisa Blascao-Bayona

Marisa Blasco Bayona has recently founded her own Management Consulting Services organisation "Change and Evolve Solutions". Marisa previously held various senior management positions with Monarch Airlines, Iberia, Brussels Airlines and Hertz.

Recently she had been Director of Revenue, Network, Sales and Distribution at Monarch Airlines. She is globally one of the leading experts and innovators in terms of revenue management and pricing. Marisa is always curious about where the industry is moving and how technology can help to deliver customer expectations while finding additional sources of profitable revenue. She holds more than 18 years experience in the travel industry, covering different countries and different business models.

Due to her change management skills and process expertise Marisa also manages to optimise commercial results through cross-departmental cooperation between revenue management, pricing, sales and distribution. Marisa has implemented successfully new processes and systems throughout her career, based on best practices and a number of innovative developments in the area of big data and process-re-engineering. She develops a powerful revenue management and sales and network planning enhancement for example by evaluating innovative real time data sources to achieve better insight into customer behaviour beyond the airline specific history.

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